Thursday, 8 March 2012

Gear backlog: The Bike Place 2012

Now that an entire month has passed, clearly it's time to bash up a few pics of shiny things from The Bike Place mini-trade show at Silverstone. It's a good spot, overlooking the track in an airy building -- certainly a big step up from last year when everything was distributed around a large number of quite small rooms. 2012 felt like a real show. Anyway, things:

This is the Banshee Prime (although it'll be called the Mythic Prime in the UK thanks to tedious trademark issues). It's a 130mm 29in all-mountain bike with adjustable dropouts, 1.5in head tube and enough beef for a 160mm fork up front (just as soon as someone makes one).
BOR is a German manufacturer of (unsurpsingly) high-end lightweight parts. The XC666 chainset comes in at a claimed 605g with three rings on it, and the "Smart Spindle System" means that you can fit it to pretty much all of the eleventy million bottom bracket standards that are kicking around now. The spiders are swappable too, to fit your chainring requirements.

BOR's range also includes a bunch of 29er rims -- the XMD333 is eyeletted, tubeless ready (just add rim tape) and weighs a claimed 355g.

Let your inner geometry geek run wild with Burgtec's range of offset shock mount hardware. Eccentric drillings alter the effective eye-to-eye length of the shock, lowering the BB and slackening the head angle by up to 1.5degrees. Or raising and steepening, if you want.

Burgtec's Penthouse Flat pedals have been around for a while -- these two-tone anodised ones are a bit special though.

Hey, look, a 29er, who'd have thought it? This is a titanium Burls one with a segmented Ti fork.

And this is Devinci's Atlas 29er FS bike with 110mm of travel from Dave Weagle's Split Pivot back end.

Devinci also has the Wooky 29in race hardtail.

Same wheel size, different intent: Kona's Honzo is steel, low-slung, slack and ready for hooliganism.
Might as well get the rest of the 29ers out of the way too -- here's a not-quite-production-ready Orange E9.

And a 29in Five, which might actually be a Four but doesn't have a name yet. Could be something quite special, though.

Swinging to the other end of the wheel-size spectrum, this is the Inspired Skye 24in trials bike, as ridden by that Danny MacAskill off YouTube (it's the new telly).

There's still room for 26in wheels out there. Evolution Imports is now bringing Liteville bikes into the UK. The 301 has an interesting rear suspension layout with the shock attached to the frame at the back end and the rockers driving it from the front -- the top of the seatstays swing up above the top tube. Different rockers give 120, 140 or 160mm of travel. It's got ISCG tabs, tapered head tube, 142x12mm rear axle and a claimed frame weight of 2.3kg plus shock.

If the 301's not enough bike, the 601 offers 165 or 190mm of travel depending on what length shock you put in it. Attention to detail includes different butting profiles on the left and right chainstays and seatstays. You'll find stainless bearings everywhere, a mount for a Syntace chainguide and adjustable geometry thanks to a sliding shock mount. It also comes in six sizes and has a 10 year warranty.

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